STEPHEN GOULDINYorkshire based Artist
Someday it will come
All in the Family
Build Your Future
To the End / Fossil
The Wakefield Effect
Six by Four by Three Score and Ten
Living in a Box


Stephen grew up in a South Yorkshire coal mining community and followed local tradition by entering an engineering apprenticeship after leaving school. After studying at night school he eventually left work to undertake a mechanical engineering degree. The majority of his working life has been as a professional engineer within many of the heavy engineering companies synonymous with Yorkshire’s industrial belt.

More recently he studied Fine Art at Leeds College of Art graduating in 2013. He was a winner of the Kenneth Armitage Student Sculpture Award, exhibitions include: Material Matters at Left Bank, Leeds; Free Range at The Old Truman Brewery, London and Class-ification at Leeds College of Art, Leeds.

Stephen’s work has its roots in his industrial heritage and reflects the everyday routine of working life, the joys and struggles of working class communities. He tends to work to a brief which reflects his own working life experience. Responding to a situation or particular site of interest. Output is as varied as his subjects and includes sculpture, collage, printmaking, photography and video and often incorporates commonplace materials, such as coal and tea, and everyday objects like boots, shoes and curtains.